Sunday, 12 February 2012

The end of my African Adventure

Well as my trip has come to an end I wanted to sign off with some thank you’s and a few of my favourite Malawi pictures.  Malawi is a beautiful country with some of the most “warm hearted” people I have ever had the privilege to meet.  It was a wonderful adventure and I would like to thank CCA for allowing me the opportunity to represent Thunder Bay in Africa.   I know in my heart we have made a difference.  To my new African friends and colleges, I extend a very grateful thank you for reminding me of the importance of our co-operative principles and what it really means to be a Credit Union (SACCO)!   It is truly amazing that not only am I able to be part of my own Credit Union, but for two weeks I was given the chance to be part of a Credit Union community on the other side of the world!  To the Board, management, and my coworkers at Superior Credit Union thank you for all of your support that allowed me to participate in this program.  I feel that I did not take this trip alone as many of you were with me in spirit!   To my blog followers thank you for joining me on this journey and please enjoy the pictures they are just a small glimpse into my truly amazing adventure.  And last but not least to my family it is with your love and support I had the strength to complete this journey.   The memories that I have made during this trip will be with me forever and the lessons I have learned I will share with others.    There is a great big world out there and through the Credit Union system I am proud to say I was able to view just a little bit more of it!!!!

Zikomo Kwan Bini........  Thank you very much.

Lennie Hampton

This is my Favorite Malawi picture!

Very hard working Malawian on the dangerous river Shier
Resting under in the shade on our way to market

Fishing on lake Shier
Break time at the tobacco factory

Brining home Chomba for dinner

Say Cheese!
CEO of Muscco with his new Canadian Tie

The view from Frodya Sacco window

Brian from Frodya Sacco

A hard working Malawi woman
Taking charcoal to market
Setting up shop for the day under the shade of the trees


Oliver and his new Canadian Tie!
Malawi family on their way home for the day

Alway room for one more!

Do I know you?

Selling my goods at market

Our tailor!